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24Pcs Funny Novelty Golf Balls

24Pcs Funny Novelty Golf Balls

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Package: 24pcs * Golf Ball

About the Product:

  1. Modern Club Compatibility: With a diameter of 42.67mm/1.68inch, these golf balls are perfectly suited for your modern-style clubs.
  2. Double-Layer Design: Featuring a dual-layer construction, these golf balls offer excellent elasticity and durability. Surface dents reduce air resistance, enhancing striking accuracy.
  3. Premium Materials: Crafted with an elastic rubber inner and sarin outer, these golf balls are easy to play with and boast long-lasting durability.
  4. Sporty Aesthetics: The unique sport style of these golf balls ensures quick identification on the course, adding a touch of individuality and uplifting your mood.
  5. Controlled Soft Feel: If you prefer a softer feel, these golf balls, with a compression hardness of 80, provide the control you desire for a more enjoyable game.








Material: Inner synthetic rubber, outer sarin material
Diameter: 42.7mm / 1.68inch
Elastic Force: 75%-80%
Weight: 45g

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